Born in 1982, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Constanza Piaggio studied at the School of Creative Photography (EFC) and at the Sindicato de la Industria Cinematografica Argentina (SICA). In 2004 she earned a Masters in fine art with a specialization in photography and cinematography. 
As a student she had intensive training in the areas of art history, and color and curatorial theory. She has worked as Director of Photography and Gaffer on several short films and music videos. 
Since completing her studies, Piaggio has been very active in her field, and has participated in art fairs, group, and solo exhibitions in Argentina, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Switzerland, and Spain.
In her new work, “Breathless,” Piaggio draws on all her areas of expertise to construct a scene, an alternate world, and a suggested narrative. Through the use of theatrical lights she refers to the visual language of cinema and theater, working to suggest narrative and to emphasize un-reality. The artist does not merely freeze action, rather captures the moments between moments- the instant before action. Time is suspended and the sense of solitude is intense, almost piercing, and is the thread that links the works of the “Breathless” series. There is a real desire to build a story around the characters that belong to these spaces. The pause, the moment Piaggio holds in time, works to increase tension in the space and leaves viewers searching for clues. 
Perspective, structure, colors, light, and organization of the images are all elements the artist uses to, as Vilém Flusser * said, “transform concept in scenes.”
Metal Meteorites is a plastic and formal visual study that combines still frames from the artist's personal image-archive; dry pigments; and, in some images, color grounds. Rather than collages, Piaggio considers her integrations of these base elements "interventions." The works are instinctive and elemental, playful, and spontaneous. Like visual haikus- the prints are concise yet expansive. Indeed, this project is a cumulative one.