Artist Statement: My bride and I
It was two years ago that I came to this city, full of dreams in heart. As the capital of China, Beijing is the center of Chinese politics and culture. At the heart of the city, Tian'anmen Square symbolizes the center of China in the hearts of the Chinese people. Beijing is home to numerous historical heritage sites, such as the Great Wall and the Imperial Palace which attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. Beijing is an ancient and yet modern city. Old and new mingle in this ever-changing metropolis. There are modern buildings and flourishing economy, which people gravitate towards. There are people with power and money as well as common people. There are expressways and flyovers as well as huge traffic jams. There are high-rises and large mansions as well as compounds crammed by many households. There are white-collar workers as well as those who toil. This is the city where I make a living, a city full of contrasts, things which are old and new, under construction, about to be demolished. In Beijing, all things come together, be it royal, or temporal, gallant or filthy, dream-like or realistic, festive or depressing. 

I am exactly in this city but 'SHE' seems to be far away from me. Things seem there but are hard to get hold of. My emotion about HER becomes hazier and hazier. SHE is my desire, my dream and my faraway bride. How do I describe this city? I attempt to draw a clear picture, but it turns to be a piece of doodle. During the past two years, in this city, I sometimes have the illusion to be in a place between reality and dream. I cannot express the feeling with words I can only attempt to describe it with the images deep in my heart. I love this city but I also live in it with panic. However, I would still pursue my dream, with love, pain, hope, despair and, above all, with my dear bride?