Statement for Revising History
Revising History, is a series of manufactured images that I have created by replacing the individuals in vintage found-negatives with images of myself. I commandeer source material from someone else’s life thus taking over their memories to call my own. The work is a performance that results in a series of photographs that are entirely counterfeit. I reference the gestures within the original image as a means to take ownership of that moment. I appropriate the mood and emotions, or lack thereof, of each event. In the decisive moment, I become a musician, a mother, a corpse– even though I am none of those things. There is something inherently false in most snapshots. The moments captured are often idealized. And when we look back at our own images, we co-opt the fantasy that the photograph has created for us. We replace our original memories with something photography has sold to us. Reality is replaced with a nostalgic appropriation. It is with this in mind that I have created a body of fictitious images that depict counterfeit memories. 

Statement for The Rockabillies
The Rockabillies is work from the past nine years, which examines a unique global subculture and my relationship with it. The individuals portrayed are not actors, but rather contemporary participants of Rockabilly culture who have co-opted the looks and values of mid-twentieth century America. The Rockabillies are an anomaly compared to other subcultures in that they base themselves and their lifestyle on another generation as opposed to ethnicity or station. This group is not interested in historical preservation from the point of reenactment, yet they rarely stray from established archetypes. In social settings, they keep to strict guidelines regarding dress and behavior that directly reflect the values and rebellions of the 1950’s in America. There is both a rebellious side and an innocent side in every moment depicted.