She is a visual artist and has a Master’s Degree in Anthropology. Her artistic production, linked from the very onset to photography, explores the memory, the pain, and death, from her multidisciplinary perspective. It directly confronts witnesses as well as victims of diverse social and political conflicts in works in which they are both protagonists and objects of study and contemplation, encompassing pain, loss and mourning. Her research, covering from the image to the essay, crafts texts and conferences in dissertations that deepen her experiences and knowledge about artistic interpretation, death and the dramatic socio-political contexts that lead to it. 

Her work has been exhibited in different settings linked to the memory processes of various groups of victims in Colombia. Her work has also been exhibited in Colombian cultural institutions like the Museum of Antioquia, the Modern Art Museum of Bogota, the Colombian National Museum, and the Colombian National University Museum, among others. In the International sphere, her works have been displayed in individual and collective exhibits, at the Centro Cultural Recoleta (Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires), ExTeresa Arte Actual (Modern Art Museum, Mexico City), the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and other institutions in the United States, Australia, Poland, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador and Chile. Erilka Diettes’ work has been commented, reviewed and outlined in numerous publications that specialize in Art. Her work is part of important public and private collections in Colombia and the United States.